About me…

Born on July 7th, 1966 in Benevento Italy.
Pick up the magical piece of wood at an early age, after my father showed me enough to get me spellbound…
Rock, Jazz, Impro, ethnic music ? Just a matter of frequencies, vibrations and emotion.
After having made my debuts in Italy with the band “Radex” playing several times for the Italian television Rai, I sign up in the Modern Jazz School of Siena (CPM) and join the Astralia Magic Orchestra Big band, proposing an interpretation of Charles Mingus’ compositions.
Time to roam the earth in search of my musical language.
1995… South of France to hit the road with Caligagan as lead guitarist and co-composer. Two albums will be born : “Seven Languages” and “Naked Garden”.
I am to meet wonderful and interesting humans, from very different musical backgrounds

Philippe Loli, guitarist and composer (touring in Bahamas, Guatemala, Germany), the Chinese violinist Zhang Zhang of the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic (touring in Switzerland, Thaïland), the experimental Jazz band Neoma, giving birth to “Space Gari”, the young British band The Rua, with whom I will play in New-York alongside Clive Deamer (Drummer of Robert Plant Band, Portishhead, Radiohead) and Nigel Harrison (Bass player of Silverhead, Iggy Pop, Blondie).
Ultimately a new collaboration has started with the French singer and producer Medi and PaperfaceKevin Joseph o’Hara and amazing guitarist, Louis de Cicco with whom I humbly share a piece of antic soul…

And sometimes… sometimes… I stop roaming, fall asleep on a desert beach and wake up with a new song…

Some of my stuff…

About music…

I’ll let someone else talk about it…


La Musique

La musique souvent me prend comme une mer!
Vers ma pâle étoile,
Sous un plafond de brume ou dans un vaste éther,
Je mets à la voile;

La poitrine en avant et les poumons gonflés
Comme de la toile
J’escalade le dos des flots amoncelés
Que la nuit me voile;

Je sens vibrer en moi toutes les passions
D’un vaisseau qui souffre;
Le bon vent, la tempête et ses convulsions

Sur l’immense gouffre
Me bercent. D’autres fois, calme plat, grand miroir
De mon désespoir!

Charles Baudelaire


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